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Highlander Betrayed - Laurin Wittig image

I did not ken that I would like this book so much.

Historical romance with a dash of espionage plus a smidgen of paranormal? Yes, please.

Yeah, I'm pretty much hooked now & ready for the rest of the trilogy!
The Theory of Everything - Kari Luna I am totally in LOVE with this book!


I gave it FIVE STARS plus a mint on the pillow.

Mixtapes filled with 80's awesomeness, marching pandas and the theoretical physics of love make this story of abandonment, questionable mental illness and self-acceptance a truly fascinating journey.
The Bone Season - Samantha Shannon image

Despite conflicting reviews, this book was well worth the read. I will most likely re-read it several times before more of the series is released.

The vocabulary was uncomfortable at first, but I quickly fell into the rhythm of the story and found myself completely immersed in the saga.

There are still many secrets left to unlock, and I'm already anxiously awaiting the next book!
Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell So excited that this was selected for next month's group read.

I can't wait!


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